18 February-13 May: Master Lectures in Fan Studies Series at Ateneo de Manila University

15 February: One Small Step participant, “Lori Morimoto and Sue Marguerite Dootson

6 February: Quoted in the Japan Times article, “Meet the ‘fanyus’, the passionate yet chaotic force behind Yuzuru Hanyu


23 December: Guest speaker on The Three-Patch Podcast, “123 – Scandal in C-ent: Contextualizing the Zhang Zhehan Scandal

25 October: Research cited in the Wear Your Voice article, “Parasocialism and Industry Amnesia in K-Pop Fandom

20-24 October: Fan Studies Network North America Conference co-organizer

20 October: Interviewed in “FSN-NA: Interview with Paul Booth, Lori Morimoto, and Lesley Willard

14-15 October: Roundtable conversation about Global Fandom with Bertha Chin and Rukmini Pande on Henry Jenkins’s blog, Confessions of an Acafan. Part 1/Part 2

12 October: Guest post for Henry Jenkins’s blog, Confessions of an Acafan

25 September: Quoted in the Atlantic article, “Tucker Carlson Makes a Play for the Barbz

21 August: Fandemicon Featured Speaker: “Anime in America: From Analog to Digital

12 June: Fujocon Guest Speaker: “Yuri!!! on Ice in/and the Fandom Contact Zone”

11 May: Quoted in the Syfy Wire article, “Origins of Fanfiction Tropes: ‘Enemies-to-Lovers is a Trope Readers Love to Hate and Hate to Love

20 March: SCMS Workshop: “Franchising and Transmedia Series: Interconnected Products, Networked Places, Active Audiences”

6 March: Participated in a roundtable discussion for the podcast …And Now the Podcast Starts on the NBC show, Hannibal, “Feasting on Hannibal #1: Season One (2013) with Dr. Rebecca Williams and Dr. Lori Hitchcock Morimoto

27 February: Participated in a roundtable discussion for the Aca-Media Podcast ep. 57, “What Happens When People Feel Strongly About Stuff

26 February: Quoted in the Vox article, “The internet’s most beloved fanfiction site is undergoing a reckoning


2 November: Participated in a roundtable discussion for The Three Patch Podcast ep. 110a, “Transcultural Fandom Roundtable

13-17 OctoberFan Studies Network North America Conference co-organizer

8 August: Project Insight, “Transcending Realms: The Fan Culture Experience” panel participant

17 July: 1455 Summer Literary Festival, “Fan Fiction: The Lit that Asks What If?” panel participant

21 June: Research mentioned on the podcast Fujojocast, ep. 14, “When Asian Fans Socially Distance because of Cultural Tensions in Fandom

20 June: Research mentioned on the Irish radio show, “The Culture File Weekly

20 April: FannibalFest SofaCON2020, moderator

12 April: Video pechakucha mentioned on The Video Essay Podcast ep. 13, “Scout Tafoya


12 December: Interviewed in Ípsilon for the article, “Como falar (e não falar) da cultura de fãs, especialmente de Star Wars?

1 July: RMeS Masterclass: Fandom and Audience Studies Methodologies with Lori Morimoto – Research School for Media Studies, HU University of Applied Sciences, Utrecht

28 June: Fan Studies Network Conference 2019 – Keynote Speaker


19 December: Contributed a short essay for In Media Res, “Acafanning at FannibalFest

2 November: Media@McGill lecture, “It was … intimate: Hannibal and the Gendered Politics of Identification,” McGill University

27 September: Flow Conference, Plenary Roundtable: “Praxis in Practice

14 September: Interviewed for the Aca-Media podcast ep. 45, “Be Good to Each Other

31 August: Research cited in The New Republic article, “The Irreverent Joys of a Japanese Sherlock Holmes

4 April: Featured on the Fansplaining Podcast ep. 71, “Lori Morimoto

26 February: Scholar Fan Salon: The Transformative Civics of Fandom, “Pleasure and Politics” roundtable participant

3 January: Appeared on Squee! Pop Culture & the Fangrrl Gaze, “Hannibal: A Fangirl’s Response”


27 November: Participated in a roundtable discussion for The Three Patch Podcast ep. 61b, “Geek Interpreter: Queerbaiting & Transformative Fandom


24 August: Interviewed on the Fansplaining podcast ep. 29, “Shipping and Activism

27 June: Video essay featured on The Playlist, “Explore the Gothic Romance of ‘Hannibal’

11 May: Video essay featured on Enfilme.com, “La revisión de ‘Hannibal’ desde el romance gótico


25 March: Interviewed for The Millions, “From the Internet to the Ivy League: Fanfiction in the Classroomi