Book Indexing & Audio Transcription Services

I have compiled indexes for such humanities publications as Fake Geek Girls (Suzanne Scott, NYU Press 2018), Dubious Pundits (Nickie Michaud Wild, Lexington Press 2019), and Soul in Seoul (Crystal Anderson, University Press of Mississippi, forthcoming). I am also an experienced audio transcriptionist; my academic work includes interview transcription for the book Playing to the World’s Greatest Audience (Michael Curtin, University of California Press 2007).

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Academic Writing &
Videographic Criticism

I research transnational media co-production and distribution, and transcultural fandom. My work has been published in the journals East Asian Journal of Popular CultureTransformative Works and CulturesParticipations, Asian Cinema and Mechademia: Second Arc. I have also contributed to the anthologies Seeing Fans: Representations of Fandom in Media and Culture (2016), Fandom: Identities and Communities in a Mediated World, Second Edition (with Bertha Chin, 2017), The Routledge Companion to Media Fandom (2018), A Companion to Media Fandom and Fan Studies (2018), Transatlantic Television Drama (Oxford University Press, 2019), Becoming: Genre, Queerness and Transformation in NBC’s Hannibal (Syracuse University Press, 2019), and a tumblr book (University of Michigan Press, forthcoming).

My videographic work has been published in the online journal [in]Transition, and has also been featured on VCinema, The Playlist, and

Recent Publications

“(Trans)Cultural Legibility and Online Yuri!!! on Ice Fandom,” Mechademia Second Arc, 12.1 (2019) (online pub coming soon)

Hannibal: Adaptation and Authorship in the Age of Fan Production,” in Becoming: Genre, Queerness, and Transformation in NBC’s Hannibal (2019)

From Imagined Communities to Contact Zones: American Monoculture in Transatlantic Fandoms,” in Transatlantic Television Drama: Industries, Programs, & Fans (2018)

“The ‘Totoro meme’ and the Politics of Transfandom Pleasure,” East Asian Journal of Popular Culture, 4.1 (2018)