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University of Virginia

Fall 2021

Art of the Video Essay
Cultures of Media Fandom
Hong Kong Film and Cultural Identity

Past Courses

Japanese Cinema in Global Context – syllabus (2021)
Communities and Cultures of Media Fandom – syllabus (2021)
Hollywood Goes to Asia – syllabus (2019-2020)
Media Fandom and Participatory Culture – syllabus (2020)
Hong Kong Film and Cultural Identity – syllabus (2020)

George Mason University

Introduction to Graduate Study for International Students (2015-2016)

Northern Virginia Community College

History of Film and Animation – syllabus (2012-2015)
Film Appreciation I – syllabus (2012-2014)
Film Appreciation II (2013)
Topics in Anime (2014)

Indiana University

Media in Global Context (2005)
Race, Ethnicity and Media (2004)
Introduction to Film and Media (1999-2000)

Sample Syllabi

Introduction to Film Analysis (2020)

Fans in/and Film (2016)

Bishonen and Boy’s Love in Japanese Literature and Popular Culture (2016)

Pedagogical & Professionalization Posts

A Tale of Two Chairs, or Why Did My Paper Get a B?” (on the difference between ‘meets’ and ‘exceeds’ expectations)

How to Conference Series

Writing the Paper Proposal

Writing the Paper

Presenting the Paper

The Messy Social Stuff